The Ghost of Halloweens Past

Everybody remembers “that one Halloween.” You know the one I’m talking about.  Everyone has one.  That year when you had the single greatest costume ever and you rocked the balls off of it.

Maybe it was the year you were a Croatian gymnast with body hair spreading like wildfire, or when you were a male stripper with breakaway pants and an awkwardly aggressive lap dance.   Whatever night it was, if you’re like me, it probably ruined your kids’ chances of ever becoming President.

Ahhh, yes.   That was the night.  Every other Halloween from that point forward is just trying to live up to the precedent set that year.

Now that I have a couple of cute little gremlins tagging along every October 31st, I must use my creative powers for good.

My son has always been very specific about what he wants to dress up as for Halloween. We have a great little system for costume construction at our house.  He gives the idea to me, I brainstorm a master plan and relay this information to my husband and then…Boom!  Costume is magically complete.  I think the actual magic may take place somewhere between the “husband” and “boom” steps, but I can’t be sure.

Two years ago he wanted to be an ice cream man.

halloween ice cream man 1_edited-1

Last year he decided to be a mailman and his sister a package.

           halloween mailman 2_edited-1     halloween mailman 1_edited-1

This year he has elected to be a fishing ship (his engineer uncle gladly accepted this challenge and it is still under construction. Follow my blog to make sure you don’t miss the finished project when it’s posted).

So, if you too have forgone the crazy, the risqué or perhaps the offensive costume in order to focus on the kid-friendly, you are not alone, fellow parent.  Just remember, you’ll always have the memory of “that one” night and those little candy-eating goblins can’t take that away from you!


One thought on “The Ghost of Halloweens Past

  1. Ummm..these costumes kind of made me throw up a little. 🙂 Oh. My. Goodness. I’m never showing them to my kid! He was lucky enough to have a costume his Auntie bought him! Seriously, WOW! So awesome.

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