Big love from little hearts– 10 Valentine’s Day ideas to inspire

Don’t forget…Valentine’s Day is this Saturday! Share the love!

Laugh 'Til You Sprinkle

Throughout life, there are monumental moments that break the mold and stand out above the rest–the birth of your children, exchanging vows with your true love, opening the cards stuffed into your homemade valentine mailbox in elementary school…

Oh, what a glorious event that used to be– tearing into that delightful letterbox that your torturous teacher made you wait to open until the end of the day.  There certainly was something magical about those little folded cartoon valentines, sealed with a tiny, bent heart sticker and strategically given out amongst classmates and friends.

As it turns out, once you become a parent you realize that’s what Valentine’s Day is really about—simple, down-to-earth expressions of love and kindness.  You voluntarily forgo the overpriced food, cheap champagne and unattainably high expectations of romance for stolen kisses over Sponge Bob mac-n-cheese.

Rose petals are replaced with scattered doll clothes and Legos.

Night lights and glow stars have taken the place of candles.

And chocolate….well, there’s…

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