A Lemon Affair: Adding zest to a 1st birthday party

You did it!  You successfully survived your first year of parenting with most things still intact (aside from your sanity and social calendar).  I know millions of people have done it before you and millions will do it after you, but you still deserve an award, or at least a stiff drink.

When the time comes to celebrate that first birthday, it can be a bit overwhelming.  It’s not just a birthday party, after all, it’s a we-survived-and-so-did-this-tiny-human-we-made-but-how-did-the-time-go-by-so-fast-and-i-need-a-drink-because-everyone-is-asking-me-when-I’m-having-another-baby-and-my-boobs-haven’t-even-recovered-from-this-one-yet, kind of party.

If you’re wondering just what to do to celebrate that momentous occasion, check out this first birthday bash that my talented friend and her husband threw for their main “squeeze.”  I have to mention, she is a professional event manager so every last drop of this party is perfection!


Dream it, scheme it, don’t forget to THEME it!

Coming up with a theme is just fun.  This is probably one of the few birthdays where you will get the final decision, so choose wisely.  Before you know it you’ll be planning an obscure “Rango” party and wondering how in the world you’re going to create and explain an armadillo cake for your guests.

This soirée’s inspiration stems from an idyllic backyard lemon tree and the nostalgic dream of a childhood lemonade stand.


These invitations by Idieh Design came in the mail and kicked off the fun before the party date even arrived!

159 M birthday invite

Well, don’t you look fancy!

Guests were greeted with a collection of cheery tulle tutus and summery bow ties for the littlest lemons to don.

079     080

The bright colors of summer welcomed friends and family and a clothesline photo display highlighted the birthday girl’s first year of life.

069     070     071

084     083

077     078

Why should the kids have all the fun?  Birthdays are for big people, too!

Outside, a homemade lemonade stand turned the entrepreneurial childhood dream into a festive build-it-yourself lemonade bar, complete with refreshing mix-ins and adult beverages.


110113     131


Cake is good for two things–eating and smashing!

Inside, the quintessential bake sale got a dreamy makeover, thanks to Ruze Cake House.  From bold, flowering cake pops to hand-painted macarons, the spread of sweets left nothing to be desired!


085     095

119     093

105    089


Don’t forget the smash cake!  This is quite possibly one of the most anticipated events of a one-year-old’s birthday party.  Although there wasn’t much actual “smashing,” this little lemon was ready to ham it up for her eager onlookers.

     clapping   183


As the summer sun set on this refreshingly jubilant first-year celebration, one thing was perfectly clear–

when life gives you a lemon tree, you grab your little lemon drop and those you love and throw a big ol’ party under it!


All of the divine details of this celebration were fresh-squeezed by:

Baby Gap (birthday girl outfit)

 Idieh Design (invitations and paper goods)

JaneZ Photography

La Tavola Linen

Lindsey Rendon of El Chorro Weddings (event planner and “wombmaster” to the birthday girl)

Ruze Cake House (cake and desserts)

Don’t you just want to pucker up and plant one on her?!




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