Whole eggs, broken hearts

“Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” is a children’s classic written by Judith Viorst that takes you through an awful day in the life of a young boy, Alexander.   Everything seems to go wrong and nothing goes his way.

For me, this day came earlier in the week.  I woke up to find the remains of our three beloved chickens, eaten by coyotes during the night, followed quickly by a child with a fever pushing 103 degrees, a trip to Urgent Care, a trip to the doctor’s office, stops at three different pharmacies to find the necessary medicine, oh and there was no coffee left.

And I had a public display of teary emotion after I found out the cost of my sick child’s medicine was totaling close to the cost of a car payment.

And we’re currently in the early, soggy stages of potty training.

And….well, it was just a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  Continue reading


The chicken or the egg?

You know that moment when months and months of dedication and thankless effort finally come to fruition?  You get a feeling that explodes in your chest that’s part elation, part relief and a sprinkling of pride.

Well, that moment finally came because today was the day… we got our first egg.

This egg has been a long time coming and its journey begins here: Continue reading

The chicken called “Oriental Garlic”

Over the summer my husband and I were in discussion about whether or not to have another baby, or get a puppy.

After much deliberation, we came to a consensus.

We would get chickens. Continue reading