“Going Turquoise:” Little farmer, big ideas

A few years ago if you had asked me what a hoe is used for, my response would have been comparable to that of a 13-year-old boy’s—wildly inappropriate and unbearably immature.

But, as happens more often than not, my children have inspired me to look at life and the simple act of gardening in a whole new way. My husband and I first started our garden when we moved into our home with its modest backyard.  He removed some palm trees, made a little raised bed and my son and I went at it.  We planted whatever our little hearts desired, just for the sheer joy of playing in the mud and seeing what would grow.  This is now our garden’s third year, and I still have not mastered the planting season, correct seed spacing—none of it.   In an effort to stick to a planting schedule and attempt to grow things in an orderly fashion, we have opted to give our little man his own garden space so that he can farm according to his liking.  The last couple seasons he has opted for sunflowers, which are a GREAT crop for little ones.  They are extremely tolerant and grow quickly as you can see below. Continue reading