Sweden stole my Saturday!

If suddenly your husband becomes pale, short of breath, dizzy, fatigued, is complaining of weakness and a headache and he isn’t anemic, there’s probably a reasonable explanation for it—you just told him that there’s something you NEED at IKEA and he gets to accompany you this weekend. Nothing gets a sane person more fired up than desperately trying to corral a possessed shopping cart that will go any direction but straight (seriously what is it with their carts?!) through mobs of indecisive and over-stimulated nincompoops, past aisles upon aisles of empty wicker baskets and overstyled bookshelves.  And yet, we still subject ourselves to it, over and over again, always swearing that we won’t do “that” again. Right… Continue reading


Some gifts you just don’t forget

When I was a little kid, I got a real, working, mini laminator machine one year for Christmas.

You read that correctly.

A laminator.

As you can probably imagine my reaction was one of complete shock and utter…. ELATION!!!!  Oh yeah baby!  I got right to work, laminating anything and everything I could get my hands on (there’s nothing like the smell of burnt plastic in the morning).  Continue reading