19 ways to make the most of your dream cart:


#1 (and my personal favorite) an “Art Cart” to hold all kids’ arts and crafts supplies

art cart

#2 a “push” toy that creates little tracks all over the carpet, giving the illusion that you just vaccumed

#3 popcorn bag holder for outdoor movie night


mobile library

#5 Nightstand

#6 Bar caddy

#7 Impromptu side table in the family room


portable movie tray

#9 condiment/BBQ accessories caddy

#10 toy organizer


bunk beds

#12 a kitchen caddy

#13 outdoor potted plant display

#14 a display of kids’ outfit choices so they can pick out their own outfit without starting a small fashion fire

#15 bath toy and/or towel organizer

#16 on-the-go changing table accessories organizer

#17 delivery system for breakfast in bed (I’ve yet to experience this phenomena)


delivery man

#19 a very modern and urban tri-level dollhouse


What do you use yours for?


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