The chicken or the egg?

You know that moment when months and months of dedication and thankless effort finally come to fruition?  You get a feeling that explodes in your chest that’s part elation, part relief and a sprinkling of pride.

Well, that moment finally came because today was the day… we got our first egg.

This egg has been a long time coming and its journey begins here: Continue reading


Big love from little hearts– 10 Valentine’s Day ideas to inspire

Throughout life, there are monumental moments that break the mold and stand out above the rest–the birth of your children, exchanging vows with your true love, opening the cards stuffed into your homemade valentine mailbox in elementary school…

Oh, what a glorious event that used to be– tearing into that delightful letterbox that your torturous teacher made you wait to open until the end of the day.  There certainly was something magical about those little folded cartoon valentines, sealed with a tiny, bent heart sticker and strategically given out amongst classmates and friends.

As it turns out, once you become a parent you realize that’s what Valentine’s Day is really about—simple, down-to-earth expressions of love and kindness.  You voluntarily forgo the overpriced food, cheap champagne and unattainably high expectations of romance for stolen kisses over Sponge Bob mac-n-cheese.

Rose petals are replaced with scattered doll clothes and Legos.

Night lights and glow stars have taken the place of candles.

And chocolate….well, there’s still plenty of that.  And there’s definitely not a shortage of hugs, kisses or bare butt cheeks either.

No matter who you’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day with, here are 10 ways to celebrate that are sure to melt even the tiniest of hearts. Continue reading

A thing or two about a thing or two: Lessons learned in 2014

Here are a few of the many things I learned as a parent this past year:

  • Let your kids pick their own outfit, even if it means you’ll be taking a tiny batman to TBall practice that night. The cape may not really make him run faster, but your certainty in his independence may just work wonders for his self-confidence.

dress yourself

  • Sometimes the best thing you can say to your kids is “Yes.” Yes, you can use that blue marker to turn your body into a dot-to-dot.  Yes, you can jump on the bed.  Yes, you can wear your underwear outside your pants…. It makes the “No’s” a little more tolerable.

blue marker

  • There is magic in these two words: Slumber. Party. If you let your kids sleep in the same room, even if only for a night, what they lack in sleep they will make up for in giggles. And trust me, there are few sounds more beautiful than laughter between siblings.

slumber party

  • Pancakes taste WAY better after dark. Serve them up for dinner once in a while and sit back and enjoy the excitement that will surely ensue.
  • Let your son go away on a “boys’ trip” with his daddy. Just don’t ask too many questions because you really don’t need to know about his adventures of pooping in the woods and you DEFINITELY don’t want to see the picture that proves it.
  • There is nothing more frightening than taking a one-year-old on an airplane, except for maybe that one-year-old having an enormous and aggressively fragrant bowel movement on said airplane. That is the only thing more frightening.
  • Stories are received way better if they are read with gusto in the voice of an old, Jewish woman from Boston. I do not know why, but alls I do know is dat my kids is gonna have one wicked awesome and confusing accent when they grows up.

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The chicken called “Oriental Garlic”

Over the summer my husband and I were in discussion about whether or not to have another baby, or get a puppy.

After much deliberation, we came to a consensus.

We would get chickens. Continue reading

How I roughaged my child’s drink

I remember growing up having to eat one pea for every year old I was.

8 peas?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!  This is my nightmare!!

An entire glass of milk, 20 minutes, and 8 gags later… I still had 4 more peas to go. Let’s just say I haven’t always been a fan of the green stuff.

Well, karma has come full circle and blessed me with a son who shares my picky childhood palette.


If I put a pile of peas on his plate, his body goes straight rigor mortis style and his eyes pop out like I just put a flaming pile of dog poo on the table.

And then the solution found me. Continue reading

Now entering the terribly terrific twos…

“This too shall pass”—Simple words that could not ring more true, especially within the realm of parenting.  No sooner does one challenging childhood phase pass, than the next begins.

Running straight into the face of danger the second your vice-grip hand lock is broken—We’ve  passed that one!

An unyielding determination to find the one overlooked choking hazard in the room and immediately put it in their mouth—Passed!

Body stiff as a board with hulk-like strength and resistance while trying to get them into a car seat—Passed…almost. Continue reading

Sweden stole my Saturday!

If suddenly your husband becomes pale, short of breath, dizzy, fatigued, is complaining of weakness and a headache and he isn’t anemic, there’s probably a reasonable explanation for it—you just told him that there’s something you NEED at IKEA and he gets to accompany you this weekend. Nothing gets a sane person more fired up than desperately trying to corral a possessed shopping cart that will go any direction but straight (seriously what is it with their carts?!) through mobs of indecisive and over-stimulated nincompoops, past aisles upon aisles of empty wicker baskets and overstyled bookshelves.  And yet, we still subject ourselves to it, over and over again, always swearing that we won’t do “that” again. Right… Continue reading