A Lemon Affair: Adding zest to a 1st birthday party

You did it!  You successfully survived your first year of parenting with most things still intact (aside from your sanity and social calendar).  I know millions of people have done it before you and millions will do it after you, but you still deserve an award, or at least a stiff drink.

When the time comes to celebrate that first birthday, it can be a bit overwhelming.  It’s not just a birthday party, after all, it’s a we-survived-and-so-did-this-tiny-human-we-made-but-how-did-the-time-go-by-so-fast-and-i-need-a-drink-because-everyone-is-asking-me-when-I’m-having-another-baby-and-my-boobs-haven’t-even-recovered-from-this-one-yet, kind of party.

If you’re wondering just what to do to celebrate that momentous occasion, check out this first birthday bash that my talented friend and her husband threw for their main “squeeze.”  I have to mention, she is a professional event manager so every last drop of this party is perfection!


Dream it, scheme it, don’t forget to THEME it!

Coming up with a theme is just fun.  This is probably one of the few birthdays where you will get the final decision, so choose wisely.  Before you know it you’ll be planning an obscure “Rango” party and wondering how in the world you’re going to create and explain an armadillo cake for your guests. Continue reading


Hurry up and stop growing!

When you’re a mother, it is absolutely vital that you master the art of roshambo—paper/rock/scissors, ick-ack-ock, whatever you call it in your household.  You need to get your mind right and have a plan of attack because when the screaming baby strikes at 3am and your head is cloudy and your senses dulled, this is when your husband will strike you with the old, “Paper/rock/scissors for it?”  He knows exactly what he’s doing.  He knows that in your moment of weakness you are going to pull out the same old move you always go for and he’ll be ready for it.  So, trust me, throw in a wild card every now and then, and mix your game plan up if you’re going to actually win this and come out the victorious sleeping beauty. 

The next time you find yourself at the losing end of this battle and you’re pin-balling down the hall to the baby’s room at unspeakable hours of the night (or is it morning?), you may find yourself wondering when you will ever sleep through the night again.  I know I did.  Continue reading

Skip the toy, build a library

In honor of my little November baby, this month I want to highlight all things surrounding birthdays.  With that said I will be showing a brief clip from my birthing process that truly captures the beauty of childbirth….No you crazies! I will NOT be showing that.  I do, however, feel comfortable showing you pictures of her first birthday, as there was less screaming and minimal nipple exposure. Continue reading